Welcome Guests!

Thank you for taking the time to visit!  My name is Angela Murphy and I am the owner of Organizational Bliss, providing professional organizing services for residential and home-based business clients.  I’ve learned in life through friends, family and personal struggles that disorganization brings with it numerous consequences.  It leads to stress, frustration, feelings of uneasiness and lowers the number of productive hours in your day.  I strongly believe that you cannot put a value on quality time spent with loved ones, so I started my business with this mission:

To help others regain time in their lives for the things that matter most to them!

We will work together to develop systems best suited for your family’s needs.

Some clients just need a little motivation, some have no idea where to start, and others need a teacher by their side to guide them through the entire process.  Whatever your needs or style, we can find the best fit to help you achieve your goal!

Please take the time to look around.  I have tried to design my website from a client’s point-of-view, addressing any questions or concerns I feel you may have when deciding whether or not to hire a professional organizer.  If you do not see your question addressed, please feel free to ask!