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Storage space at the back of a client's garage being used for infrequently accessed items and needed to maintain the same purpose - only more effectively!  Client made a good effort by purchasing various storage containers and using shelving along the left side.  The issue was that these tools were not being utilized well.   Most homeowners would love to have additional storage space of this size in their garage.  This area was a real asset, however it was not being used to its full potential.  It had become a "catch-all" room and the client could no longer find what they needed.
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To tackle the small space, all of its contents needed to be brought out into the central area of the garage.  This allowed greater space to move around during the purge!  With everything in full view, the client made respectable efforts in getting rid of many belongings.   As each item was considered, it was sorted into categories (ex. to donate, games, teaching materials, housewares, decor, etc.).  The sort process allowed us to see what needed to go back into the storage space and how to best organize each group.
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This was a long-overdue, overwhelming project on the client's to-do list.  With any organizing project, it is important to stop periodically and assess your progress.  At the end of a long weekend with a team of three people, there were clear visual indicators of our success.  We filled 6 contractor size garbage bags, 12 boxes, and a garbage can.  PLUS . . . The purge resulted in a huge pile of items to donate.  The client was amazed with how much they were able to get rid of and decided to have a garage sale first and then donate whatever remained.  This is a great way to pass along your treasures to someone who will find and use them (not to mention putting a little money in your pocket!).
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The end result was a well-organized space!  You can now walk into the area and view all of its contents.  Due to the volume of stuff that needed to return to the space, boxes were strategically lined up along the sides to keep items accessible. Now everything is stored in a single layer.  Boxes are labeled with their contents and paperwork found a new home in a  couple of filing cabinets - one of which the client didn't even know she had!
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