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Master Bath

Before Counter After Counter
Counter Before:   Counter After:
A disorganized bathroom can cause undue stress in the mornings when trying to get ready.  Many clients suffer from too much stuff on surfaces and drawers stuffed so full they can hardly open them.   With a thorough sort and purging of unused items, everything now fits in the storage space available.
Vanity Before   Vanity After
Vanity Before: Vanity After:
Most women would kill for a built-in vanity like this one to get ready at in the morning.  The client always wanted to make better use of the space but never could figure out how.   While unloading the cabinets and vanity a common issue was unveiled - items overlapped in both areas.  Toiletries were segregated to the long counter with the sinks and the vaity was limited to only cosmetics.  This step clarified boundaries and gave each space a distinct purpose.
After Cabinet Two Drawers
Cabinet After:   Drawers After:
This deep cabinet was so deep that products got lost easily in the depth.  By containerizing like products and corraling others on turn-tables, the client can now access eveyrthing easily. To simplify drawers, sometimes the addition of dividers is all that it takes.  Make-up was organized in the vanity drawer by type (foundations, eyes, lips, brushes, etc.).  Toiletries were similarly grouped by product type and separated by containers.
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