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Kitchen Cabinet Under Sink

  Before Picture:  
  This kitchen cabinet under the sink had become a mess and the client could no longer find what they needed.  They were continually buying new products that they knew they already had in there "somewhere" but couldn't locate.  Getting control of this area and its inventory will save the client unnecessary purchases in the future!  
After Picture:
  Many people save the plastic grocery bags because they have other great uses.  Instead of shoving them in the back of the cabinet, store them in a specialized holder on the cabinet door.  Now they are located in one place, are contained and there's a reasonable limit on how many the client needs to keep.

This cabinet had a lot of challenging pipes to work around, but trial and error helped us find the best combination.  Large supplies such as trash bags, dishwashing soap and drain cleaner were allowed the full height of the space on the left.  A shelf on the right with an easy slide out bin below holds frequently used items of medium size.

Small items once lost in the sea of clutter are now in their own home with a cabinet door rack.  Brushes, sponges and strainers will no longer be buried!
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