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Before Picture 1:   After Picture 1:
This client's home office was bursting with clutter, making it difficult to work in.  She had given up on filing over a year ago, afraid that if she put papers away she'd never find them again.   By sorting through the contents, we were able to pare down to just the essentials.  Since the client no longer trusted her filing system, a new one was put into place.  This gave current and future paperwork a safe home.
Before from Closet   After from Closet
Before Picture 2: After Picture 2:
Due to medical reasons, the client was having to work from home some days.  The computer station under the window was her personal one that the whole family used.  To make a separate space, she had made a temporary "desk" on the right using a card table.   While the client's card table was functioning, there was a clear solution available.  An old computer hutch previously on the left side of the room had become storage and a "catch all."  By sorting those items, purging and finding new homes we were able to repurpose that piece of furniture.  Now the client has a dedicated work station with space for all of her materials.
Before Towards Closet    After Towards Closet 
Before Picture 3:   After Picture 3:
Many items in this office had not been touched in quite some time!  A tower of VHS tapes were purged, considering the client hadn't owned a VCR in years.  A few family movies were kept since they could later be converted to DVDs. The client's collection of California Raisins had multiplied to fill every square inch of available space!  We edited the collection so that the ones she really loved could be showcased and enjoyed!
Closet Before   Closet After
Before Picture 4:   After Picture 4:
The closet stored excess linens and office supplies.  We sifted through the supplies and kept what she realistically uses.  A large clock took up precious space on the upper shelf.  The client admitted that it had been broke for years and wasn't going to get fixed from that location! Linens were relocated to the top two shelves, offering the lower shelf for camera equipment and a designated space for items the client wants to sell online.  Supplies returned to the side shelves, but were organized into containers and labeled so that the client can now locate what she needs quickly.
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