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Office Before:   Office After:
This client runs three home-based businesses from her office.  While the space was adequate, her organizing systems were not.  Each business entailed a variety of marketing materials and one required an inventory of products for her to maintain.   With supplies in boxes on the floor, both in this room and in the adjoining guest room's closet, the business owner could rarely find what she was looking for.  As a result, she was not able to respond to potential and existing customers as promptly as she had hoped.
Workspace Before   Workspace After
Workspace Before: Workspace After:
The workspace for this client left a lot to be desired.  The surface of the desk was overwhelmed by her monitor and printer, leaving very little space for paperwork and supplies.  The two-drawer filing cabinet served her needs early on, but the volume of paperwork she now manages requires more space.   Her existing desk was repurposed as her immediate work area.  The surface is available for current project materials and a desktop organizer houses the supplies she needs regularly at her fingertips.  An L-shaped work surface was added to triple her work surface and offer a more convenient place for the printer.  As a support for the desk extension, a second filing cabinet was added to accommodate all of her files.
Bookcase Before   Bookcase After
Bookcase Before:   Bookcase After:
The client never found an effective use for her bookcase.  As a result, it became a dumping ground for piles of paperwork and miscellaneous items. We repurposed her bookcase as her primary storage for marketing materials.  Forms were separated into letter trays, brochures were divided into narrow baskets and product information sheets were inserted into dividers.  Now when she has a client meeting or networking event she can quickly "shop" the bookcase for the materials she needs to take with her.
Closet Before   Closet After
Closet Before:   Closet After:
Closet space was not being used well.  Clothes from other rooms had overflowed into the space, while business materials had overflowed into the guest closet nearby. Items were rearranged into their appropriate homes, leaving this area open for a few memorabilia items and infrequently needed business materials.
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