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Girl's Closet

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  Before Pictures:      
  This young girl was approaching her teenage years.  She had lots of items and clothes she had outgrown - either in size or maturity!
The mother was able to sort through the clothes while I emptied and sorted the toys, games, dolls and collectibles that had taken over
the shelves in both her bedroom and closet.  I had the chance to work side-by-side with my young client, deciding what to keep and
what to donate based on how much she loved the item, how often she used it, etc.  Based on frequency of use, each piece was given
a new designated "home".
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After Pictures:  
Some items were still cool enough to stay and were stored in labeled bins on her bedroom shelves for easy access.  Other things
were "baby stuff" that she easily decided could be donated.  A third group were things she didn't want to get rid of but didn't
want out in her room.  She decided those things should go on the closet shelves, but in containers so her friends couldn't see
them when they visited!  Overall, she demonstrated a great effort in learning some basic organizing skills and simplifying her space.
She now has lots of open shelf space to grow into with future treasures!  This young client was a delight to work with and achieved an end product that truly matched her personality.
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