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Craft Room Closet

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  Closet space in a  client's craft room.  Storage items included memorabilia, books, craft items, ironing board, clothing needing to be mended, wrapping paper and miscellaneous.   The existing upper shelf and clothing bar were not serving the needs of this closet well.  Items were stacked too high to be easily accessible and a lot of dead space was not being used to its potential.  
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After Picture 1: After Picture 2:
  Three additional upper shelves were installed to make better use of the vertical space.  Lower side shelving was built on each side of the closet to accommodate large storage boxes.   The ironing board was relocated to the back of the closet door.  Everything was sorted, purging was completed and like items were placed into labeled containers.  The space was carefully planned and spaced to allow the client to identify all of the closet's contents easily with one glance!  
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