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Child's Closet

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Before Picture 1 - left side view Before Picture 2 - center view  Before Picture 3 - right side view  
When the client moved in, the only hanging space available was two short hanging bars hung front-to-back on the left side of the closet.  This worked okay for infant clothing, but quickly became ineffective as her child got older.    No clear boundaries existed for the use of the central area of the closet.  The client attempted various storage options, but never found one to meet her child's needs.    The existing shelves on either side were useful, but not sufficient for the space.  The client commented that she knew what was in the closet, however could rarely locate something when she needed it.
After 1 After 2 After 3
After Picture 1 - left side view   After Picture 2 - center view   After Picture 3 - right side view
Existing side shelving was primarily left in place.  To accommodate more storage and hanging space, a shelf was installed across the top of the closet with an integrated hanging bar.  This greatly increased the amount of storage space for clothing and other items.   The central area of the closet was given greater purpose.  Hats and shoes were moved down to allow for the child to start accessing some of their belongings independently.  Clearing this area also allowed more floor space.  We used this to our advantage by creating an area on the left side where the child can "park" her shopping cart and strollers!  Mom was very happy to get these large items out of the bedroom.   Storage for this side of the closet became much more useful.  Shelves were designated for various activities.  Bulky items were relocated to the new top shelf to free up a lot of space.  because the client was so good during the purging process, the closet even has extra space for her child to grow into! 
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