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My first step for every new client is completing a free initial consultation.  Depending on location, this may be done by phone or at your home.  This consultation offers me the opportunity to learn about your space, hear your concerns, answer any additional questions you may have and discuss how a Professional Organizer can help.  If you feel that our services are right for you, we will develop a project plan together to fit your timeframe and budget.

Why do we get you started with no cost?  Our goal is to assist clients who truly desire our services.  We want for you to have all of the information you need to make an informed decision before making any financial commitments.

Organizing Services


Organizing services are provided at a rate of $75.00 per hour.  These services include: 




Are you interested in having Organizational Bliss help you un-pack?  We will develop a customized, discounted daily rate for clients who need to book multiple Organizers for multiple days!



Organizational Bliss is available weekdays, evenings and weekends to accommodate any client's busy schedule!  There is a 3 hour minimum per session, however meetings can be longer based on the client's preferred work style and the needs of the project.  If you are located more than 30 miles from the Organizational Bliss office, a longer minimum session and higher hourly fee may be incurred.  This will be discussed and clarified during your initial assessment.

Additional services which may be desired include product purchase, donation delivery, handling of consignments, etc.  I have also completed special requests for clients outside of hands-on sessions, as appropriate to the scope of the organizing project (ex. assembly of new furniture pieces to use for the project, development of spreadsheets, designing inventory logs, organizing large volumes of paperwork, etc.).  I am happy to discuss any unique organizing need you have and brainstorm possible solutions.


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